Japanese who lives in Hanoi recommends 『Hương Sen』massage.

  • 12月 30, 2018
  • 2月 2, 2019
  • Hanoi

Xin Chao!!

Recently I started to write blogs in English.

I want to show and share you the view of Japanese in Vietnam.


Today I show you the my recommended local massage in hanoi.

If you are living in Vietnam, I think you know many massage service in Vietnam.

and there are many Japanese style massage shop in Vietnam. actually I am not sure what is Japanese style of massage. Because I have not gone to massage in Japan.

Anyway today I show you local Vietnamese style massage. it is not like Japanese style massage.


Most of foreigner want to try massage in Vietnam reason of cheap I think.

that shop is also cheap compared with other massage shop for foreigner in Vietnam.

But there are no any help for English. You should care about it.


Huong Sen

This shop is even famous for foreigner who live in Hanoi for long time.

I am not sure all foreigner or not but many Japanese friends who lives in hanoi for long time are knowing this massage shop.

I have been there many times but I have not seen foreigner expect Japanese and Korean.


There are many branches in Hanoi. But some times I found fake.

To be sure, you should check out website there is real or fake.

Huong Sen HealthCare

Huong Sen Healthcare Center is the most prestigious massage …


this massage serves shower and sauna before massage.

It is good advantage for you. Because most of other massage shop do not have kind of service.

In summer season, Hanoi is enough temperature to sweat a lot.

I think you need to take a shower if you feel better before massage.

This point is one of reason why I recommended this massage shop.


How to take a massage

Normally you follow the staff and you can do it in bellow.

  1. We choose the course. and pay money in the reception.
  2. Follow the staff, take off your cloths all and wear the short pants that staff gives you.
  3. Take a shower. It is ok just short time.
  4. Take a herbal bath, circle wood bath.
  5. Take a jet bath.
  6. Normal sauna.
  7. Mist sauna.(You put your foot to herbal bucket.)
  8. Take a shower.(You can wash hair and body if you want)
  9. item 3 to 8 are totally up to your time. you can decide a taking time.
  10. Dry off to use the towel. (You can take a towel by shower or sauna place )
  11. Change the short pants that dry one.( There is same place where you take a towel)
  12. Go back to dressing room and staff to bring your luggage to massage room.
  13. Move to massage room.
  14. Take a massage.
  15. After finish a massage, you can change your cloths in same room.
  16. Staff come back to your room. and if you want to tip staff, you can tip staff in this time. Normally 50,000 to 200,000 VND.

The process is toooo long….

But it is not difficult even you do not understand Vietnamese, Right??


The price list

Normally I enjoy standard plan 105min, 350,000 VND

You can check price list in bellow.

*VIP course is you can enjoy bath and massage in private room.

But I think it is better to choose not VIP course if you want to enjoy real local massage.



If you are traveler, I think it is most nearest branch is 78 Duong doi Yen Phu from old town.

Web site

Huong Sen HealthCare

Huong Sen Healthcare Center is the most prestigious massage …