How attractive Aodai and modern Aodai are in Vietnam.

  • 12月 18, 2018
  • 12月 18, 2018
  • Vietnam

I start to write blog in English.

First topic is Aodai!!!


Do you know this word??? If you know it you know about Vietnam.

Aodai is traditional cloths in Vietnam like this one.

Vietnamese long dress

What do you think about that?

I think it is totally beautiful traditional cloths more than Japanese Kimono!!!

Thats why I came to hanoi from Japan. just kidding,,,,


What do you imagine about Vietnam???

many people think about Pho, War, Hochiminh…..

If you imagine Aodai first, you should come to Vietnam.

Until now some people wear Aodai. Mainly something celebrate event.


Japan have Kimono.

China have China dress.

Vietnam have Aozai.


Each contrary have traditional cloths.

I think many people have seen Aozai in airport.

Vietnam airline costume is Aozai. I mean you have chance to see Aozai in each airport. Of course, in case of airport have Vietnam airline.

(C) tienphong, 客室乗務員の新制服

What is attractive point of Aozai

If someone wear Aozai, their attractive level increases more than 20%….no 50%!!!!! 

Yes!!! Aozai is magic cloths!!!!

You can see and you feel how attractive Aozai is!!!!

「アオザイ 脇腹」の画像検索結果


OK, get back to topic.

10 years ago, Vietnamese school costume is Aozai. but now people wear Aozai is getting decrease.

In this situation, Vietnam government want to keep habit to wear Aozai.



In Hochiminh city, Student wear Aozai on monday. This is great policy. but i think it is bother for student. If you wanna see Aozai you should stay on monday in Hochiminh.

Modern Aodai

Every country getting lost beautiful culture instead of developing……

Aodai is going same way??? 

Meanwhile, Aodai is changing new cloths, modern Aodai.

Normal Aodai is pants style but Modern Aodai is colourful cloths and skirt type.

「アオザイ モダン」の画像検索結果

For travellers, Aodai is famous for souvenir. There are many modern aodai shop in Hochiminh and Hanoi.

How about new idea to buy modern Aodai for souvenir???